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Less Expensive Than Synthetic Papers

Just compare the price of RAETON™ to that of a like quantity of synthetic paper.  This will be a pleasant surprise.

Next, think of what’s happened to the price of paper over the last ten years (not much better than level).  Now, think of what’s happened to the price of oil over that same time frame (how about triple?)  Bear in mind that roughly 2/3 of the RAETON™ product is paper and only 1/3 is plastic.  See how we keep our prices down and our value up.

Then there is the whole simpler, less problematic, less time-consuming, easier job you have with printing and converting RAETON™ with its true paper surface.  No special inks, additives, racking, or handling.

You can forget about all the layers of distribution for many of these competitive products – you can buy RAETON™ directly from us, eliminating two or three markups.